CompX National DualAxess® Cam Lock - SKU: D803 

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CompX National DualAxess® Cam Lock


DualAxess can be retrofit for existing wood or metal applications to give keyless access and to eliminate keys. The lock can be mounted vertically or horizontally on flush, overlay or lipped/overlay applications. Attach the cam for 90° latching in any direction, based on individual application needs.

To change the combination, the current combination and a valid key is needed. 10,000 possible combinations - any four digit number - are available.

DualAxess by CompX can be operated using either a combination or a key. Once unlocked, rotate the housing 90° clockwise to unlatch.

  • 10,000 possible combinations with key override
  • Replaces any standard cam lock to get instant keyless access
  • Retrofits into existing 3/4" wood or metal mounting holes - no need for drilling or modification
  • Small profile fits most doors & drawers
  • Two access modes: combination or key
  • Combination secure - can only be changed with the proper key and current correct combination
  • Removable lock plug for easy rekeying
  • Master keying standard
  • Heavy duty die cast construction
  • 100% mechanical - no batteries needed
  • Available cylinder lengths: 7/8" (D8030) & 1-3/8" (D8031)

D803 Instruction Sheet