ABUS File Bars are the best solution to secure multi-drawer filing cabinets. They are an easy way to restrict access to sensitive data in your office. Just close the locking mechanism and lock the bar with one of our padlocks. The file cabinet locking bar is available in different lengths, it allows you to lock up filing cabinets with 1 to 5 drawers.

Order your ABUS padlock and lock replacement keys by selecting your lock code from one of the available ABUS lock series below. The lock code determines the correct key for your lock and will be stamped on your key or the face of your lock if you have lost your keys.

0001 - 0342 [$8.87 ea]    

G00001 - G09999 [$8.87 ea]    

M111 - M555 [$8.87 ea]    

TT00001 - TT04773 [$8.87 ea]