CompX National RegulatoR Manual Locking Electronic Lock - SKU: REG-M 

CompX National RegulatoR Manual Locking Electronic Lock


Manual Locking Electronic Lock which uses existing CompX National cams, requires users to rotate the knob into the unlocked and locked positions.

Comes in Left Hand mount, Right Hand mount, Vertical with knob at bottom, and Vertical with knob at top.

Two finishes available, Silver and Black.

  • cabinet doors or drawers
  • lockers
  • storage enclosures
  • file cabinets
  • computer server racks
  • 75,000 cycles – 2 AAA batteries included
  • Convenient external battery installation/removal
  • Low battery indicator
  • Three cylinder lengths – 7/16", 1-3/16", 1-3/4"
  • Uses existing CompX National cams with FlexaCam
  • Single use mode
  • Easy to clean membrane keypad
  • 19 user codes and 1 supervisor code
  • Installs on wood or metal cabinet doors and drawers

Six (6) week lead-time

RegulatoR Instruction Manual