HPC Flex-A-Light™ - SKU: FAL-15X 

HPC Flex-A-Light™


The Flex-A-Light™ is equipped with an extremely durable LED to stand up to heavy use. The LED is cool-touch, so you no longer have to worry about a hot bulb breaking when it comes in contact with a cold window. The LED is also long lasting, about 100 times the life expectancy of an incandescent bulb.

The Flex-A-Light™ is more flexible than other bending lights, yet rigid enough to keep straight. The Flex-A-Light™ does not use a switch; just plug in the light extension and the light is on. You no longer need to worry about dead batteries from your light accidentally switching on.

It includes a suction cup to conveniently secure the light to the window. Or, use the 36-inch (91mm) extension and keep the power handle in your pocket. Requires 3 AA batteries.