HPC 8 Capacity Single Key KeKab® Key Cabinet - SKU: KEKAB-8 

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HPC’s Digital KeKab® series utilizes a new electronic lock to provide a unique combination of convenience and security. Digital KeKab® has many intelligent features. There are 3 levels of access including the Master Code, Supervisor Code, and User Code. Any of these codes can be instantly reprogrammed. Each level can set, change, or delete the lower levels.

The Digital Lock requires no wiring or central processors. It is powered by a single CR2032 – 3-volt lithium watch battery. The lock is very energy-efficient and will easily last 5-10 years under normal usage. No more changing batteries every year.

A low-battery indicator warns when the battery power is low. The battery is easily replaced from the outside and the internal memory retains your code. No more jumping the lock or removing the lock for battery installation. No more lost codes due to dead batteries.

The Digital Lock comes set to the default multi-user mode where there is 1 code number at each level. For special applications, the lock can be programmed to a Locker mode in which the User Code will lock and unlock the cabinet until the next code is entered.

HPC 8 Capacity Single Key KeKab® Key Cabinet


HPC's Single-Tag KeKab® Key Cabinets provide storage for 8 to 730 keys. The smaller sizes are perfect for homes, apartments and small businesses. The larger sizes have sufficient capacity for universities, hospitals and large office towers. The cabinets come complete with numbered key tags, key control tags and hardware for wall mounting. This 8 key capacity cabinet is available in neutral sand or red finishes.

Go keyless with the HPC’s Digital KeKab® key cabinet - just scroll down - description on the left.