ABUS B810 Permit Redbox™ - SKU: 88882 

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ABUS B810 Permit Redbox™


The B810 Permit Redbox™ enables not only the storage of machinery and system locks, but also the integration of these documents. It thereby combines precision system security with the necessary safeguarding of the permits in a large, lockable viewing window. For more security and transparency during maintenance.

  • Sturdy box made of powder-coated sheet steel
  • Large, lockable front pane for holding permits to work (A4 format)
  • With 20 receptacles for personal padlocks plus 3 additional ones for authorized persons
  • Large storage area with hook rails for up to 24 machine locks
  • Has a carrying handle for mobile deployment
  • Accompanied by a wall mount for stationary use of the box
  • Quick-release button inside for optionally attaching the box to the wall mount
  • Cutouts all around to let in more light and provide a better view inside
  • Has a deposit slot on the side for keys including key chain

    • Operation and use:
      • For organization of group lockout processes in combination with permit-to-work systems
      • Integration of the permit to work to better inform the persons involved
      • Increased security through locking up the permit to work until all work has been completed
      • Flexible use as a mobile box or anchored on the accompanying wall mount
      • Ideal also for safeguarding the machinists directly at the machine

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