ABUS Cable Shackle Safety Padlock - SKU: 72/30CAB 

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ABUS Cable Shackle Safety Padlock


This small and maneuverable padlock has a flexible stainless steel cable instead of a rigid shackle. This makes it ideal for hard-to-reach eyelets or multiple locking points next to each other. For example, it secures fittings, shed doors, basement windows, or switchgear.

  • Same lock body as the compact safety padlock 72/30, but with a flexible 4in. cable instead of a shackle
  • Cable made of stainless steel, PU-sheathed
  • 3/16" cable diameter
  • Can be combined in keying systems together with 72/40, 72/30 and 74/40 safety padlocks
  • Key-retaining function: the key can only be removed when the padlock is properly locked
  • Available in eight (8) different colors - scroll down and click on the thumbnails at left to view
Operation and use:
  • Can be used in situations where a rigid standard shackle reaches its limits
  • Can be used in situations where two or more points have to be locked out in small spaces, e.g. in an electrical control cabinet

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