HPC Illuminated Pin Station - SKU: IPIN-99 

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HPC Illuminated Pin Station


The Illuminated Pin Station is a multi-function cylinder pinning aid. On one side is a rotating plug holder. The holes are sized to hold these popular plug sizes: .395" (10mm), .495" (12.6mm) and .550" (14mm). There are 2 different holes for .500" (12.7mm) to accommodate the variances found in some locks. On the other side is a holder for plug followers.

The Pin Station includes 3 unique followers in .395"/10mm (green), .495"/12.6mm (red), and .550"/14mm (clear) diameters. These followers are made of a bright translucent plastic that illuminates the interior of the cylinder housing. In the center of the work station is an angled mirror that reflects the ambient light in the room into the followers, providing exceptional light in the inside of the cylinder, which makes loading the pins much easier.