HPC Scotsman DorGard II™ Sliding Door Lock - SKU: H-DG2 

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HPC Scotsman DorGard II™ Sliding Door Lock


The cylinder is one of the more vulnerable parts of a narrow stile aluminum door. Left unprotected cylinders can be easily pulled or twisted out, the plugs on these cylinders can be pulled out, or the door stile can be drilled, and the lock tripped open. The entire DorGard™ series will foil an attack against all of these vulnerable points.

The DorGard II™ provides unsurpassed protection for lock cylinders on narrow stile aluminum doors. Using cast steel components, it creates a "vault" around the cylinder, virtually eliminating the possibility of unauthorized entry by removal of the cylinder or cylinder plug. The faceplate is cast stainless steel, protecting against all common drilling equipment. The plug protector is made of case hardened steel. It rotates freely in the faceplate, protecting against forcible removal of the plug. The DG2 is affixed with hardened steel bolts through the door. The unique construction provides easy installation and easy access (without removing the door guard) for servicing the cylinder. DorGard II™ can be used with any cylinders from 15/16" to 1-3/8" (2.38 to 3.50cm) in length.