FireKing Medeco 64S / HG File Cabinet Keys by Serial Number - SKU: MEDECO-FK-FL-KEY 

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FireKing Medeco 64S / HG File Cabinet Keys by Serial Number


FireKing Medeco File Cabinet Keys by Serial Number.

This listing is for a set of OEM FireKing Medeco replacement keys.

Note: If your lock was replaced and the new key code was NOT reported to FireKing then replacement keys by Cabinet Serial Number will NOT work.

Your lock face will have "64S" for Medeco or "HG01 - HG50" for Teskey (FireKing Turtle Files) stamped on the face of the lock and your file cabinet serial number is required.

File cabinet serial numbers start with 'FL' followed by 10 digits or 7 digits with no letters. Serial numbers can be found in two locations. Location one is in the top drawer next to a metal plate on a silver or white sticker. Location two is as you face the front of the file cabinet down at the bottom by your right foot.

If you cannot locate a Cabinet Serial Number you can order keys by Key Tag Code or Key Code

New Medeco Locks can be ordered if you cannot identify any of the above.